New GnuPG Keys for the New Year


I changed my PGP keys today and revoked my older keys. There are several of my other keys on the PGP keyservers that were created some time ago which have been lost. All the other keys that I still have access to have been revoked. Most of the others should have expired but not all of them had an expiry date set.

The new fingerprint for the key is:

A23A 038E D110 7F45 E2A3 FA3F 75A9 046F D5A1 B8AE

The key can be downloaded off of the MIT Keyserver or at this URL

——-BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE——- Version: GnuPG v2

iQEcBAEBCAAGBQJUtxDBAAoJECYF3VdrZ+YTCYUIAI0Gv7BzVQvz8C7Nw6Q1QXme o4xtvJV+rlnNIhdue2taDFHke98AfvEvTOIr0aEa7WSxD4ZO1+t4zg74755wErZV y7TGUn2EM3zvos40o+upkbqXdB+Y/54nEADgxod+OegOpnintNlwk94hGlOI7yTQ T24vdiXPjLs28n6FLj+ovM6QM2SM9njCF0la4/5eHnVqkXvLtAVz+oCKQJJgAYz1 BCxEOH2ePmj9c7x9rKUBw2kLhZ+E8DsDnQlmzhzslpXGmVNmMQbKUpMLkqAGPYLN G9Ea2U0RBszA53TQuhoBUgG5xooOhviJJ2ToRQ26E2D6cXfU0Y0rgkXrKQwUoZk= =DLXQ ——-END PGP SIGNATURE——-