Amazon Kindle Subscription Problem


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Recently, one of my credit card numbers changed. This ends up being a pretty annoying process as you never remember to update all the various things that use this card.

This time, I received a nice email from Amazon saying that my Kindle magazine subscriptions would be canceled if I didn’t login and change the credit card number. Fair enough. It took me a few days to log in, by which time they had canceled my subscription. Also fair enough.

I logged in and changed the payment info for one of my subscriptions and re-enabled it. While logged in, I went to the Manage Kindle page to have a look at my library. I saw that I could download the most recent version issue of the magazine I resubscribed to, but I couldn’t find any of the other issues. I’ve been a subscriber to this magazine for several years now.

I contacted Amazon and was told that their policy is to delete all back issues when you cancel your Kindle subscriptions. This was not at all clear to me when I signed up for the magazines. The support agents are unable to restore the issues.

Amazon offered me Amazon credit for the missing issues. I took their offer, but it still doesn’t seem right. At this point, I wouldn’t recommend subscribing to any Kindle periodicals through Amazon.